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Innovative comfort and driving balance for all

MICHELIN Two Compound Technology+ (2CT+)

MICHELIN Two Compound Technology+ (2CT+)

Harder rubber underneath the softer rubber on the shoulders gives better rigidity at lean, for more stability when cornering, especially under strong acceleration.

Example of the distribution of soft rubber and hard rubber on a MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 tread.



MICHELIN Dual Angle Technology (2AT)

MICHELIN 2AT technology is the combination of two structures representative of Michelin’s expertise: the radial and the bias. This exclusive combination was designed specifically for the GT line. These powerful motorcycles, built for long trips, are put to the toughest of tests. Heavy and fast, they demand faultless tyres. The radial structure provides flexibility and optimum street performance for comfort at all times, while the bias structure provides riders with the necessary rigidity and resistance for total peace of mind.

2AT technology offers a dual-layer system. The first, inspired by the radial system, is perpendicular to the road. Its flexible sidewalls guarantee comfort and its belt layer guarantees and are representative of the demands of modern tyres. The second layer, more narrow, is at a closed angle. This bias structure provides it with flawless performance when carrying heavy loads. This high-performance technology is featured on Pilot Road 4 tyres.

MICHELIN Pilot Road 4


MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT)

MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT)

MICHELIN ACT (Adaptive Casing Technology) is an innovation dedicated to the race track and hypersport motorcycles. Our engineers have optimized the carcass to avoid swaying. This loss of stability at high speeds interferes with riding considerably. The motorcycle sways and the trajectory of its tyres is disrupted.

To reduce its breadth, ACT adapts the rigidity of rubbers according to the angle of the camber. When driving straight ahead, the flexibility of the rubber on the top guarantees optimal stability, whereas on curves, the progressive rigidity of the shoulders comes into play. In search of perfect balance, the carcass layers have the same direction and different angles with reduced differentials.

So you can really push your bike to the max safely, the ACT technology helps to alert you when it reaches its limits by a slight vibration. It is used in the Power SuperSport Evo, Power Slick Evo and  Power Cup Evo tyres.


MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology (ADT)

MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology (ADT)

Conceived and perfectly suited for the cruiser family, MICHELIN ADT (Amplified Density Technology) guarantees exceptional stability. These powerful touring bikes are demanding and their tyres must adapt to their performance. Our engineers have developed a high-density carcass combining resistance with a lightweight feel. This technology, which leverages rigidity, ensures the utmost in handling.

Mastery of your motorcycle at every moment, with your safety in mind. Even in the rain, your road performance is impeccable. The mix of rubbers used is an exclusive blend. At the top of the tyre, we find an extremely functional and high-quality material: aramid fiber. Used in the aeronautics industry, super lightweight and resistant, these layers provide exceptional reactivity and stability, even at high speeds.

ACT is featured on the Commander II and exclusively for Harley-Davidson with the Scorcher 11 and Scorcher 31 models.



MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN MCP (Maximized Contact Patch) technology was designed for competition. It features an exclusive new carcass that perfectly meets the demands of motocross and trial. On the most difficult and technical of terrains, stability is a key element for having a successful race. By increasing the number of layers, MCP technology stiffens the tyre to the max and significantly increases its contact patch.

In motocross mode, it ensures improved performance on the most slippery of slopes. In trial mode, its carcass literally clings to obstacles. Propulsion is also increased, thanks to added stability in the front. Takeoff reactivity on angles and decisively firm braking. It also features anti-tear rubber with 25% more longevity.

Maximized Contact Patch is offered on the MICHELIN Trial Light/X-Light Competition, in its radial version, for trial bikes.