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Piaggio MP3


Piaggio has shaped the history of two-wheelers. The Italian manufacturer, and the inventor of the legendary Vespa (“wasp” in Italian), has made innovation and creativity its trademark.

In 2006, 60 years after the launch of the Vespa, Piaggio surprised everyone by releasing the MP3, a three-wheeled scooter with two wheels in front. The bold creation very quickly found its way into the stream of urban traffic.

Exceeding the hopes of its creators: since being launched in 2006, the Piaggio MP3 is indisputably number 1 in its category.


Outstanding stability and improved safety

Thanks to its two front wheels, the Piaggio MP3 allows you to take advantage of its unrivalled stability that one front wheel could only dream of. The greater contact area with the ground means it performs remarkably well when braking.

A simple driver’s license is all you need to drive it. The ABS and Piaggio ASR systems let you control the rear wheel’s slides, especially on damp surfaces. The Piaggio MP3 demonstrates true innovation and offers genuine added value technology.

Its longer seat lets the rider enjoy comfort no matter the conditions. And special attention has also been paid to passengers: they get their own back and foot rests, enabling them to get the most out of the trip.


For your Piaggio MP3, choose MICHELIN City Grip tyres

Michelin came up with its City Grip tyre after making a promise: to provide a product that doesn’t slide on wet surfaces. Thanks to its innovative MICHELIN PST sipe technology, the City Grip is the MICHELIN scooter tyre with the very best grip.

Praised by the biggest international manufacturers, it's the default tyre for more than 40 models of scooters. Its extensive dimensional range lets it cover most scooters greater than 125cc.

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