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Cracks in rubber from the cold

The rubber used in the Competition and Hypersport tyres have a breaking point when temperatures dip below 41°F.

When they are subject to low temperatures, tyres may endure irreversible damage. This can result in the tyre tread cracking, rendering the tyre useless.  

1 temperature at which the tyre loses all elasticity and becomes breakable

Our recommendations
  • Never use a tyre at a temperature below 41°F, so as to avoid any deformation or shock (MICHELIN Power Slick Evo, MICHELIN Power Cup Evo).
  • Before installing or uninstalling a tyre, it must have been stored for at least 24 hours at a temperature greater than 50°F.
  • If the rubber displays visible cracking, the tyre must not be used
  • Never use a tyre at a temperature below 14°F, so as to avoid any deformation or shock (MICHELIN Power RS, MICHELIN Power SuperMoto).
Pressure recommendations

Warm up time

Tyres need some time before their performance can peak. This warm up time corresponds to the length of time necessary for a pneumatic tyre to reach an internal temperature between 122°F to more than 212°F.

To reach this temperature, each time you ride your motorcycle, go the first few miles at a moderate speed to allow the tyres to reach their ideal temperature. This will subsequently provide them with the best possible grip.